Overseas Travel Ease Policy (Business & Holiday)

Highlights of cover
  1. Entry Age: 6 months - 80 Years.  Beyond 80 years upto 90 years, proposals need to be referred to H.O. and acceptance will be on merits of the case.
  2. Plan Options : Basic, Economy, Advanced, Elite and Supreme - available World wide
  3. Sum Insured  : USD 25,000; USD 50,000; USD 100,000; USD 250,000 and USD 500,000
Medical Covers
  1. Medical Expenses for sudden sickness or injury
  2. Emergency Dental Treatment
  3. Medical Evacuation Expenses
  4. Repatriation Expenses
  5. Hospital Cash
Travel Related Covers
  1. Missed Connection
  2. Trip Cancellation
  3. Loss of Passport
  4. Emergency Financial Assistance
  5. Delay in checked in baggage
  6. Loss of checked in baggage
Other covers
  1. Personal Accident
  2. Hijack Allowance
  3. Personal Liability
Salient Features
  1. Loyalty Discount of 10% for domestic retail health policy holders
  2. Digital Discount of 10% is applicable
  3. Staff Discount of 33.3% is applicable
  4. Refund for early trip completion.
  5. Extension of policy period
  6. Change in travel itinerary

Some of the exclusions are as follows: (The list is only indicative and not exhaustive. Please refer to the policy document for full details.)

This entire Policy consisting of its various sections does not provide benefits for any loss resulting in whole or in part from, or expenses incurred, in respect of:

  1. Any Pre-existing condition and complication arising from it.
  2. Travelling against medical advice or being wait listed for receiving medical treatment.
  3. Being under influence of drugs, alcohol or other intoxicants.
  4. Participation in hazardous activities
  5. Pregnancy and all related conditions.
  6. Congenital anomalies
  7. Osteoporosis
  8. Serving in the armed forces.
  9. Routine tests or examination not consistent with the diagnosis or treatment of the covered illness.
  10. Any type of vaccination or inoculation.
  11. Treatment obtained within the Republic of India unless as stated.
  12. Note: For complete details of the product, please refer to the policy document and or prospectus

Table of benefits and Sum insured
Overseas Travel Ease Policy (Business & Holiday)
Including / Excluding USA & CANADA option
Coverages / PlanLimits of Liability
Medical Expenses$25,000$50,000$1,00,000$2,50,000$5,00,000
Deductible for Medical Expenses$100$100$100$100$100

Hospital cash for Critical ailments for hospitalization beyond 2 days. (For a maximum of 5 days)

NILNIL25$ per day50$ per day75$ per day
Emergency Dental Care$100$200$300$400$500
Personal Accident$2,500$5,000$10,000$25,000$50,000
Repatriation of Mortal Remains$1,250$2,500$5,000$12,500$25,000
Loss of Checked in Baggage$300$400$600$800$1,000
Delay in Baggage over 12 hours (outbound flights)$25$50$100$150$200
Loss of Passport$200$200$250$300$300
Personal Liability$12,500$25,000$50,000$1,25,000$2,50,000
Deductible for Personal Liability$200$200$200$200$200
Emergency Financial Assistance$50$100$150$200$300
Hijack Allowance (over 12 hours)$100 per day (max 7 days)$100 per day (max 7 days)$100 per day (max 7 days)$100 per day (max 7 days)$100 per day (max 7 days)
Trip Cancellation/Interruption$200$300$400$500$750
Missed Connection$200$300$400$500$750

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