Industrial All Risk

Advance Loss

Industrial All Risk

Fire Insurance Policy


    Main Features:
    • All industrial risks (irrespective of Sum Insured) in one or more locations in India shall be eligible for Industrial All Risks Policy.
    • This is a wider cover than the Standard Fire and Perils policy

    Coverage :The cover in its widest form will include the following:

    1. Section I
      • Material Damage including Fire & all special perils.
      • Burglary
      • Machinery Breakdown
      • Boiler Explosion
      • Electronic Equipment Insurance
    2. Section II
      • FLOP
      • MLOP (optional)
    Salient Features:
    1. Comprehensive convenient and cost effective.
    2. Losses Fire, Fire LOP, MBD and MLOP (if opted) are covered.
    3. Transit risk inside Industrial Compound Covered.
    4. Under Insurance upto 15% is waived.

    Note : Policy details given are indicative not exhaustive. Please contact our nearest NIA office for further details.

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