Annual TurnOver Policy

Product Information

  • This policy provides transit insurance coverage to-
  • Imports + Customs Duty
  • Domestic & Overseas purchase of raw materials, consumables.
  • All inter-factory/ inter-depot/ to &fro job worker movements.
  • Exports transits
  • Domestic sales of finished goods
  • Temporary storage cover at intermediate locations like at Port, Job workers/ C & F premises etc.
  • So all the requirements of a company's Marine policies can be met by an Annual Turnover Policy.
Key features of ATOP are:-
  • Sizeable saving in premium, which is charged only on your sales turnover.
  • Seamless cover with all movement of goods automatically covered.
  • No hassles of submitting periodical declaration of movements to the insurer. Only monthly/Quarterly sales figures needs to be submitted.
  • Facility for payment of premium on half-yearly/ quarterly basis.
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