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Who can take the Policy?

Shipowners, charterers, Shipbuilders, bankers, financiers of Ships or vessels who have Insurable interest.

Perils / Risks

(A) The policy covers perils of the seas, rivers, lakes or other navigable waters loss/damage to the property insured caused by:

  • Fire, explosion
  • Stranding, sinking etc.
  • Overturning, derailment ( of land conveyance )
  • Violent theft by persons outside the vessel.
  • Collision
  • General average sacrifice, sacrifice, salvage charges
  • Jettisons
  • Piracy
  • Breakdown of or accident to nuclear installations or reactors
  • Contact with aircraft or similar objects, or objects falling therefrom, land conveyance , dock or harbour equipment or installation.
  • Earthquake volcanic eruption or lightning.
  • Crew Negligence.


The policy does not cover loss/ damage due to :

  • Deliberate damage/destruction of the vessel by wrongful act of any person
  • Use of any weapon of war employing atomic / nuclear fission and or fusion.
  • Radioactive Contamination, Chemical, Biochemical, Biological, Electromagnetic Weapons.
  • Insolvency or financial default of the vessel owner /operators /charterers
  • War / civil war, Strike, Riot or Civil Commotion
  • Any terrorist or person/s acting with political motive


Cover can be purchased by :-

  • Port Authorities
  • Port / Terminal operators
  • Private Jetty Owners

Scope of Comprehensive covers :-

  • Physical Damage
  • Third Party Liability
  • Business Interruption
  • Terrorism
  • Wreck Removal
  • - H & M Cover for Vessels

Exclusions :-

  • Confiscation, requisition, detention
  • Blocking of sewers, drains
  • Wear & Tear, deterioration
  • Error in design, workmanship
  • Mechanical / Electrical Breakdown

(C) Oil & Energy Risk Insurnace Policies:

  • Cover can be purchased by - Oil and Energy Industries.
  • Scope of Comprehensive covers -
    • Offshore / Onshore constructions / Erections ( Builders Risks )
    • Production / Operation Cover - Well head platform/ process platform.
    • Exploratory Drilling (Offshore - Jack Up Rigs, Drilling Rigs, Semi Submersibles etc. Onshore- Fixed Land rigs, Mobile Land Rigs, Work-over Land rigs)
    • Seismic Survey
    • Single Buoy Mooring ( SBM )
    • Under water pipeline / Cable Insurance

Claim Intimation and Steps to be Taken by Owners:

In the event of casualty likely to give rise to a claim

  • Immediate notice to policy issuing office.
  • Giving brief details as to name of vessel, place of occurrence, date & time of casualty, circumstances leading to incident.
  • Seek appointment of surveyor to inspect and assess loss.
  • In case of theft please notify police.
  • In case of fire assistance of fire brigade to extinguish fire.
  • Appointment of adjuster in case of Oceangoing Vessels where necessary.
  • All steps to minimise loss as prudent uninsured.

Documents Essential:

  • Certified copy of note of protest by master
  • Marine casualty form issued by M.M.D.
  • Insured's report on occurrence.
  • Survey Report
  • Original Repair Bill, cash memo, Invoices
  • Weather Report by Meteorological Dept.
  • Affidavits filed by rescue vessels
  • Certificate of survey for inland vessels
  • Registry certificate
  • Free board certificate
  • Loadline certificate (where applicable )
  • Status / copies of Mandatory certificates
  • Notarized statements of master and chief engineer of the vessel.
  • Log Book extracts (Engine & Deck )
  • Crew list with details of competency certificates.
  • Copy of Claim bill with supporting documents.

Why New India for the lead mandate?

  • Superior Financial Strength - Indian Premium / Overseas Premium / Profit / Net Worth etc.
  • M/s. A.M. Best (Europe) have conferred "A" Excellent Rating based on Superior Credit Position.
  • New India has Largest Retention Capacity and Deductible Buy-Back in Indian Hull Market
  • Overwhelming Global Presence vis-a-vis Other PSUs / Our London Office can help Liaise with Brokers & Re-insurers in Placement and Servicing.
  • Leader in Non-Life Insurance.
  • More Experience of Mega-Policies useful for New India and Placements / Proves High Level of Market Confidence in our Security and Services.
  • Better Day-to-Day Liaisoning with our Head Office being in Mumbai.
  • Overseas Operation in 23 Countries.

Note: Policy details given are indicative, not exhaustive. Please contact your nearest NIA office for further details.


Covers any loss or damage to ships, tankers, bulk carriers, smaller vessels, fishing boats and sailing vessels.

What is covered?

  • All types of Oceangoing vessels
  • All type of Coastal/Inland vessels
  • Yard and pleasure Crafts
  • Port Crafts
  • Shipbuilding- construction of vessel
  • Ship Repairers' Liabilities
  • Charterers Liabilities
  • Breaches of warranties / voyage cover
  • Freight- at -Risks insurance for voyages
  • Dredgers
  • Fishing vessels / Trawlers
  • Sailing Vessels
  • Jetties ( with or without cranes ), fixed pontoons/Pontoons Jetties, wharves etc.
  • Shipbreaking

Scope of Insurance Cover:

All risks relating to Vessels, Floating Dry Docks, Jetties and Shipowners' Interests including Hull & Machinery (H&M), Freight, Disbursements, Increased Value, Premium Reducing, Excess Liabilities, Protection and Indemnity (P&I) Liabilities, Charterers' Liabilities, Charterers' Freight, Charterers' Hire and/or Disbursments, General Average Disbursments, Ship Repairers' Liabilities, Shipbuilding Risks, Shipbreaking Risks and other allied interests of whatsoever nature required to be insured in India.

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