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What are the policies available for health?

Mediclaim (in India for individual and group) and Overseas Mediclaim Policy (in abroad)

What does Mediclaim Policy cover?

The policy provides for reimbursement of hospitalization/ domiciliary hospitalization expenses for illness/diseases suffered or accidental injuries sustained during the policy period.

What is the age limit for Mediclaim Policy?

The insurance is available to persons between age of 5 and 80 years. Children between the age of 3 months and 5 years can be covered provided one or both parents are covered concurrently.

What is the amount of tax benefit?

Premium upto Rs.10000/- qualifies for tax benefit under Section 80 D of Income Tax Act.

What policy is available for poorer sections of society?

Jan Arogya Bima Policy

Who can avail Group Mediclaim Policy?

It is available to any homogeneous group/association/ institution/corporate body provided it has a central administration and subject to minimum of 100 persons to be covered.

What is the benefit of group mediclaim policy?

Group discount on premium is allowed depending upon the total number of insured persons.

What insurance policies available for cancer patients?

Cancer Medical Expense Policy for the members of Indian Cancer Society

Cancer Insurance Policy for the members of Cancer Patients Aid Association

What does Overseas Mediclaim Policy cover?

The policy covers Personal Accident, Medical expenses and Repatriation, Loss of Checked Baggage, Delay of Checked Baggage, Loss of Passport and Personal Liability.

What is the period of Insurance of Overseas Mediclaim Policy?

It starts from the 1st day of insurance and expires on the last day of the number of days specified in the Policy Schedule or on return to India whichever is earlier.

Are all the systems of medicine covered under Mediclaim Protection?

No, Presently it is available only for allopathy, ayurvedic and unanipathy systems of medicine.

Is Mediclaim policy covers benefits if one suffers illness/disease or contract injury through accident either in India or outside India?

Yes, Mediclaim protection is available for illness/disease contracted anywhere in the World provided the treatment is availed in India.

What happens if the illness/disease/injury is of such a nature that it is covered under Domiciliary Hospitalisation but requires employing of a qualified nurse to attend to the patient?

Domiciliary Hospitalisation benefits cover the expenses on employment of qualified nurses, who are employed on the recommendation of the attending Medical Practitioner and who holds a certificate of a recognized Nursing Council.

Who is a Medical Practitioner?

A Medical Practitioner is one who is engaged in the medical profession, who holds a degree/diploma of a recognized institution and is registered by the Medical Council of the respective state in India. It will include a physician, specialist and surgeon.

What happens when I have to undergo a treatment like dialysis when I am discharged on the same day?

When treatment such as Dialysis, Chemotherapy, Radiotherapy etc is taken in the Hospital/Nursing Home and the insured person-patient is discharged on the same day, the treatment will be considered to be taken under Hospitalisation Benefit Scheme.

What about undergoing an operation of the eye by Laser Capulsotomy?

Operation of the eye by Laser Capulsotomy shall be covered under Hospitalisation benefits of Mediclaim Policy.

Although, I have Mediclaim Policy available, yet, I am visiting abroad for one month for which I have opted for on 'Overseas Mediclaim Policy' from your company. Can you refund me the premium for the said period of one month?

No, when you have a Mediclaim Policy and proceeds abroad with an Overseas Mediclaim Policy, Mediclaim Policy would stand suspended for the said period. However, the validity of period of insurance for Mediclaim protection shall extended for the same period beyond the scheduled expiry date. No adjustment or refund of premium shall be involved.

Whether my spouse or any of my family members can avail of your protection even if he/she is covered by another Mediclaim Policy?

If the spouse or any other member of the family is already covered under another Mediclaim Policy, no coverage will be allowed for them.

Who is to be bear the cost of medical check-up when your operating office refer me to a physician in respect of diabetes, hypertension or any other pre-existing disease?

You as the proposer will have to bear the fees of the doctor in such circumstances.

How do you define continuous treatment?

A treatment will be deemed to be continuous if the concerned illness relapses within 45 days from the date of last consultation with the doctor/hospital/nursing home. Any occurrence after a lapse of 45 days will be considered as new illness.

How will the payment of claim be made?

All claims will be payable in Indian currency. All medical treatments for the purpose of Mediclaim protection will have to be taken in India only.