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What are the policies available for covering the vehicles?

There are two policies: Motor Liability Only Policy and Motor Package Policy.

Is it mandatory to have insurance for plying vehicles on the public place?

As per Motor Vehicle Act, it is mandatory to have Motor Liability only Policy for covering Third Party.

What is covered under Liability Only Policy?

Owners' liability towards Third Party Personal Injury and Property Damage.

What does Motor Package Policy Cover?

This type of policy covers all the risks covered under Motor Liability policy plus loss or damage caused to the vehicle due to:

Accident, Fire, Explosion, Self Ignition, Lighting, Burglary, House Breaking, Theft, Riots & Strikes, Earthquakes, Flood, Typhoon, Hurricane, Storm, Cyclones, Malicious Acts, Terrorism, Transit by rail/road, air and waterways and also include towing charges.

What are the exclusions under Package Policy?

Damage caused due to:

Driver being under intoxication, Vehicle being driven by a person not holding an effective valid license, Damage to tyres (unless the vehicle is damaged at the same time),Wear and tear and mechanical breakdown damages.

What are documents required at the time of claim?

Copy of claim intimation given to insurer with xerox copy of policy and premium receipt, duly filled Claim Form, Driving License, Registration Certificate of Vehicle, Estimate of repairs from repairer and stamped receipt, Bills and Cash Memo of repairs, verification of road tax, Police Panchanama/FIR, Permit and Fitness Certificate and any other documents deem feet for the situation.

Can the amount be paid directly to the repairer?

Yes - In case of Approved Garage

No - In case of any other Garage

What is the amount I have to bear?

Compulsory excess, Reasonable value of salvage if not surrendered to insurer and depreciation.

What is "No Claim Bonus"?

It is a special discount given on premium for every claim-free year.

What is Solatium Fund Scheme?

It is the Scheme formed by the Central Govt. to provide compensation to the victims of "Hit and Run " motor accident. The amount of compensation is Rs. 25,000/- in the event of death and Rs. 12,500/- for grievous hurt.